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Can I Be Part Of Your World?

Of Population Three

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This is a random comic strip about our adventures. Yes, we believe that this community is the answer to many wants of the El Jay world. And that we are not being narcissistic here. We provide fun-filled entertainment that most will not understand. However, hopefully some of you will enjoy our warped sense of humour. Goodness knows no one in our class ever understands what we giggle and chuckle and laugh in a manly fashion about.

Please, we implore you dear readers never to shorten populationthree to popthree or pop3. Thank you very much.
alvin and the chipmunks, bali trip, being manly, drawing horrible faces, feb, harry potter, mob, mog, othello, pug, randomness, special pencils, the chipmunks, wa mao, x-men